Nespresso Entreprise Durable

Creation of a website dedicated to Nespresso engagements for a sustainable economy. Conception of infographics, illustrations and animations to explain all the actions taken by Nespresso to improve farming condition, coffee production and aluminium recycling.
Art direction. Digital & Storyboards.

  • Client : Nespresso
  • Agence : Soleil Noir

Nespresso Grand Crus

Nespresso Grand Crus are a very unique blend of coffee beans. In this bestiary project, imaginary creatures embody this uniqueness, and invite us to a surprising world of cute and strange.
Art direction. Print & Digital, Creatures design.

  • Client : Nespresso
  • Agence : McCann Paris

Nespresso Aeroccino

Monochrome shooting of the Aeroccino, Nespresso milk frother, in red, beige and black at LB studios.

  • Client : Nespresso
  • Agence : Soleil Noir

2015 is yours

Joint wishcard for McCann and Soleil Noir : a pop-like participative concept in which people’s tweets create the artwork. Music by Mike Brundstatt.
Art direction with Stephane Drodz. Digital & Print.


Website concept for the jewelry brand Pomellato. The idea behind the layout is the art of irregularity, which expresses the special style of the brand.
Art direction. Digital.

  • Client : Pomellato
  • Agence : Soleil Noir

Orchestre de Paris

Rebranding of the digital platform of Orchestre de Paris, design of a new and easy user path for concert reservation and creation of a music player.
Art direction with Tania Koller. Digital.

  • Client : Orchestre de Paris
  • Agence : Soleil Noir / FutureBrand

Nespresso Monsoon Malabar

Digital launch of the limited edition Monsoon Malabar. This one-page website tells the story of this special coffee blend inspired by the particuliar effect of sea winds on the coffee beans during their long trip from India to Europe.
Art direction. Digital, Map illustration.

  • Client : Nespresso
  • Agence : Soleil Noir

Nespresso Masterclass

A Masterclass to help Nespresso Club Members become real coffee connoisseur. It consists of 3 classes, with videos, quizz, and tasting sessions.
Art direction. Digital.

  • Client : Nespresso
  • Agence : Soleil Noir

Disques Mazout

Visual identity of Disques Mazout. Design of the 7’ labels for artists Cuverville, Poborsk, Daniel Savio, Johnny Superglu, Wankers United, Mezak, Vicnet.
Art direction. Print.

  • Client : Disques Mazout
  • Agence :

Marithé + François Girbaud

Relaunching of the brand with a focus on 2 iconic elements : the baggy jeans and the washed-down techniques that were invented by M+FG and became standard in the fashion industry. Researching on internet we realized that the brand was quoted in a lot of rap songs. We imagined photo shootings that would dramatize these lyrics and display M+FG clothes.
Art direction. Digital & Print.

  • Client : M+FG
  • Agence : Kassius

Lexmark Print Less

The development of digital communication has not reduce our paper consumption, quite the contrary. For the launch of a new range of paper-saving printers, we imagined an app that could help companies reduce paper waste, by simply calculating in real time document printing in the office. Everybody can watch the waste of paper on a daily, monthly and yearly basis.
Art direction. Digital.

  • Client : Lexmark
  • Agence : DDB Paris

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